About us

Welcome to Sha La La Fashion.com  


Who we are:

We are a family owned business located in the Dallas Fort-Worth area in Texas. Our business was established in 2006 as a small local gift shop that specialized in quilted handbags, but with the help of our customers, we were able to grow our selection of our handbags to include items such as utility totes, beach bags, duffel bags, cosmetic bags, and many more.

Our Story: 

As a new mother, I struggled to find a stylish bag that I was able to organize all the items I needed to care for my children. I found myself fishing around in my purse constantly and eventually, I started to think there was a blackhole at the bottom of my bag with all the items that were forever lost to the deep, dark crevices of the bag. This made me realize the importance of organization within a bag. Because of this, one of my top priorities when designing and selling bags is the ability to pick items up right when you need them. On top of this, we have a drive to provide a variety of designs and products because we realize that people's preferences differ with personal taste as well as through different stages in people's lives.

I continue having passion to sell bags because of the struggle that I went through to find the perfect bag for me. I searched for years, scouring every store that sells bags, from name brands to local stores, and still came up empty. But, when I was finally able to find the absolute perfect bag, from the outside pattern to the number of zip-up pockets I was filled with an immeasurable amount of joy. Thinking I could be providing the same sense of joy to my customers fills me with an immense amount of satisfaction and fulfillment.  

Our Mission:

We are committed to bring you a variety of handbags,  accessories, and gift items at great prices. We are always searching for the latest design, from the classic to the trendy. We are continually adding new products to our store, so please add us to your favorites and visit us often. :)